4YO Possum and Wombat Term 2 update

The Government has announced funding for 4 year old kindergarten in term 2, meaning that there are no Term 2 fees for Possum or Wombat families. The Government funding is dependent on each child remaining enrolled (regardless of whether the child actually attends in session or not). We will therefore assume all Wombat and Possum group children will remain enrolled unless families advise otherwise and no fee invoices will be sent this coming term.

In terms of attendance, it is a condition of the Government’s funding that the kinder remain open and operational with adherence to stricter hygiene and protective measures required to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19. In order to best protect staff, children and families there will therefore be a number of new practises implemented by staff this term including the following:

1. Drop off will take place at the front gate one by one. Parents will not be permitted into the kinder (parent helpers/fruit will be suspended for the term) and, depending on how many children are attending, we may need to implement a staggered start to avoid queueing (but we will advise families of this once we know who will be attending).
2. The staff member at the gate will check the temperature of each child upon arrival (and throughout the session if considered necessary).
3. Each child and staff member will be required to wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival at kinder.
4. Staff have the option to wear protective gear (e.g. gloves, face masks) if they feel it is necessary or more comfortable.
4. Sessions will be run predominantly outdoors (so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather).
5. Sessions will be structured so as to minimise risks of transmission.

In addition, we remind all families that children should not attend kinder if they are unwell, if they have any symptoms of Coronavirus or if anyone in the household has been in contact with someone suspected of having Coronavrius in the two weeks prior (even if no one in the household has any symptoms).

While we will continue to do our best to support everyone in the Alfred Nuttall community and staff will be there to support, nuture, challenge and educate the children, it is obviously a challenging time for everyone. Our staff are anxious about their own health and the operation of kindergarten in the current environment, and the kinder setting will be different to what both the staff and children are used to. Survey results suggest that attendance numbers this term will be significantly lower than usual and we understand that each family will make their own assessment as to whether or not to send their child to kinder sessions this term, with some families having no option but to send their child. Staff have asked that in making this assessment, families take into account the broader circumstances of this pandemic and the consequential staffing pressures. We also ask that, for families whose children will be attending, please have a discussion with your child about the change in practical aspects of kinder (as noted above) to assist your child in adapting and managing with the changes. For those children who will not be attending, staff will be in touch in due course with plans for remote engagement (noting, however, that there will not be a full 15 hour parallel remote educational program being run).

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