Bush kinder is back!

The children have settled back into Bush Kinder since returning to the program in May following a break due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Kids have enjoyed the change from the intense heat of Term 1 and are enjoying the fresh air, puddles and gentle sunshine.

There are some huge puddles, which a number of children are spending time wading through, running and jumping into and even shifting logs around in.

Tree climbing remains popular and there has been noticeable confidence and bravery building in this area.

Long walks during a number of sessions have been greatly enjoyed by the group.

A favourite trip saw the kids walk down the ‘”spooky stairs”, over the little bridge and along to the river requiring a small jump from one rock step to another. Two teachers assisted the children to take the leap across to make it to the other side. The children loved the challenge and showed great pride and excitement.

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