Bush kinder term 2 wrap

We were lucky to begin Term 2 with lots of big, sloshy, muddy puddles in which to wade, run, splash and experiment in.

Each child is different and some get very involved in this sensory process while others watch and interact from the side and may then venture in. These outdoor experiences provide many opportunities for rich learning through experimentation with water, heavy materials such as rocks and branches and climbing.

The self confidence, self expression, freedom and well being gained through this process is invaluable. These real life human and nature interactions support the children’s overall well being.

Many of the children have become very adept at tree climbing. They naturally keep repeating their efforts to improve their skill levels. Once up, they happily perch like birds or stand boldly and chat to their friends or enjoy the peace and joy of being in a tree.

The children lift and haul the logs around, often working as a team to do
this. This can bring together children they may not play together at Kinder and expand friendship opportunities.

In Term 2, the group has been on a number of adventurous walks. Down the ‘spooky stairs’ which requires some bravery and down to the river (with enthusiasm). Here the children enjoy plonking rocks into the river and we discuss water safety.

The children love the adventure walks. There is lots of spontaneous singing as we walk. Twice this term we’ve taken two exciting trips across the river which requires a big leap over the water from one rock to the next. We work as a group to stay safe while each child takes their turn to make the leap to the other side.

We can’t wait to get back out there and keep building those adventurous spirits and a lifelong love of the outdoors.

– Bush Kinder team


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