2023 Timetable and Session Times


We offer fully funded days (8.30am – 4pm) for all sessions.

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Our Groups

Koalas (3-year-olds, Tuesday & Friday)
The Koala Group is for 3-year-olds who will benefit from two days of Home Kinder. They will share one session with other 3-year-olds in the Kookaburra group, and one multi-age session with the Wombat 4-year-olds.

Kookaburras (3-year-olds, Tuesday & Wednesday)
The Kookaburra Group is suitable for confident 3-year-olds who might be keen to explore Bush Kinder. The Bush Kinder sessions are introduced gradually, with part days initially working up to full days. These sessions will be shared with the 4-year-old Wombat group, with the older children helping to guide the younger ones.

Wombat (4-year-olds, Wednesday & Friday)
The Wombat Group is for 4-year-olds who may benefit from a gradual introduction to Bush Kinder, with part days initially working up to full days. These sessions will be shared with the 3-year-old Kookaburra group, with the older children helping to guide the younger ones. Mixed-age groups provide a great opportunity for the 4-year-olds to build confidence and leadership skills in preparation for school the following year.

Possums (4-year-olds, Monday & Thursday)
The Possum Group is best suited to confident children who have already been in childcare or have completed 3-year-old kinder. They usually commence Bush Kinder sessions by Week 4 of Term 1. Bush Kinder for Possums runs from 8.30am until 4pm, unless there is very inclement weather such as storms, extreme heat or high winds.

Please consider the above information when choosing your group preference in the enrolment process. Group allocation will be done on a first come first served basis, however there may be times where our Kinder Teachers will recommend a different group for your child and this will be a collaborative discussion with families.


Why are the 3 and 4-year-old groups combined into multi-age sessions?

With multi-age groups, Alfred Nuttall is able to provide 15 hours of kinder for 3-year-olds in 2023, as per the Victorian Government kindergarten expansion roll-out. Combining the age groups is also a great opportunity for our 4-year-old children to build confidence and leadership skills, while allowing our younger children to learn from peer modelling. The child-centred and differentiated program run by our educators at Alfred Nuttall allows us to seamlessly transition into multi-age days. Our teachers are thrilled about what this opportunity means for the unification of our community and are excited to start the new year!

Will my child’s needs be met in a multi-age group?

All educators at Alfred Nuttall are consistently implementing differentiated learning to support each child at their own pace. Our flexible spaces and individualised programs allow our educators to support children while they are gaining confidence, or extend children at any stage of their development. While multi-age groups may be new to Alfred Nuttall in 2023, our qualified staff already teach across the 3 to 6-year-old age range, while taking into account each child’s individual needs. This model also prepares children for multi-age, composite classes offered at many of the neighbouring primary schools in our local area.

Do children always have to attend on time/attend for the whole day?

No. At Alfred Nuttall we understand that each child will be starting kinder at varying levels and have individual needs. We can discuss a flexible approach to their attendance, gradually working up to a full day. This will ensure that your child benefits from a gentle start but does begin to feel fully integrated as term continues – and not miss out on any fun!

Will my 3-year-old be safe outside of a kinder setting? Is 3-year-old too young for Bush Kinder?

Bush Kinder is an important component of our program and we are very excited to be able to offer this to some of our 3-year-old children in 2023. It is never too young to have unstructured nature play, which a Bush Kinder program provides. Our staff are experienced Bush Kinder educators and we ensure that there is an extra staff member (above ratio) during any transition times, eg. walk between Home Kinder and Bush Kinder. Comprehensive risk assessments for Bush Kinder consider weather variables, site checks and physical safety, with the option for the group to return to Home Kinder if the need arises. For more information about the benefits of Bush Kinder, please visit our Bush Kinder page.

Where do I drop my children off for the Bush Kinder days?

Bush Kinder is run at Darebin Parklands. We have two designated sites and your drop off site will depend on which group your child is in. This will be communicated leading up to the start of Bush Kinder.

Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend Kinder, in particular Bush Kinder?

Not at all. All children learn toilet training at different times, and no child is excluded from kinder if they require assistance. Our staff are trained to support children with their particular needs both on and off site.

Will Kinder be free in 2023? And when will 4-year-olds be able to attend for 30 hours?

Yes, we have opted into Free Kinder for 2023, therefore no fees will be charged.The 4-year-old kinder program will transition to 30 hours of “pre-prep” over the next decade. For more information see the Victorian Government Education website.

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