Our Staff

Staffing arrangements

Our educators plan and implement the educational programs with the children in a caring, nurturing and fun environment.

Paola Kupfersin is the Director of Alfred Nuttall Kindergarten and teacher for both of the four year old groups. Paola holds a Masters Degree in Arts and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood). Paola has more than 20 years of experience teaching all levels of education in Europe, Australia and the USA. She is a native Italian speaker and implements her language and culture into her teaching program. Paola brings a passion for art, music, literature, science, nature and sustainability.

Suzanne Thomas
has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and has been teaching at Alfred Nuttall for 8 years. Suzanne is the teacher for the three year old Kindergarten group and also a team teacher with the Wombat Group (4 year old). Suzanne has previously worked with children in the fields of art, drama, music and story-telling and is very interested in education. She has a particular passion for introducing the Arts in early years education.

Rosemary Bousioutas
is a team teacher in the Possum Group (four year old). Rosemary holds two Graduate Diplomas of Education (one in Early Childhood and another in Secondary Education) as well as a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business. Rosemary joined the Alfred Nuttall teaching team in 2018 bringing her passion for literature into the program. Rosemary enjoys music, art, literature and design and makes time to connect with nature, family and friends.

Lana Foster
is one of the educators working with the four year old groups and has worked at Alfred Nuttall Kindergarten for 19 years. Lana has a Diploma in Children’s Services and has experience working with a range of age groups in early childhood. Lana enjoys being with her family and following daughter’s her ever growing interests. Lana’s own interests include writing, reading, music, art and craft, parks, zoos and museums.

Amanda Saltmarsh
is an educator working with the four year old groups. Amanda has a certificate III in Children’s services and is working towards completing her diploma. Amanda also holds a certificate IV in vet nursing and has a strong passion for reading, spending time with her family, listening to music and caring for her many pets at home. Amanda enjoys sharing her love for arts and animals with the children and her fellow teachers.

Yukie Green
has worked with children of different ages in child care centres and kindergartens in Japan. In 2015 Yukie worked at Alfred Nuttall Kindergarten as an Additional Assistant and since 2016 has been working as an educator working with both the three year old and four year old groups. Yukie is Japanese and enjoys sharing her culture with the children, including the Japanese language and origami. Yukie likes to listen to music, watch movies and musicals and swimming.



Our team works together  to create a warm, caring and stimulating environment for the children.  We draw on each staff members’ individual skills to create and deliver a varied experience for children across the three and four year old programs.  At various times during the year, additional staff members may also be involved at the kindergarten, such as assistants and other specialists.  The kindergarten also participates in training programs for teaching students.  Student to staff rations and qualifications of staff are maintained at all times and staff interact with each other and others at the kinder in a respectful and ethical way.

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