Bush Kinder

Bush kinder is an important component of our program. It allows the children to develop a meaningful connection to the natural environment and an appreciation for sustainability. 

Our four-year-old kinder program includes one full day of bush kinder per week, which takes place at the beautiful Darebin Parklands nearby.

markus-spiske-1S0-pHmQ-TY-unsplashThe benefits of unstructured nature play for children are well-documented. They range from increased confidence, imagination and concentration, to enhanced social, physical and language skills.

Bush kinder also offers an opportunity to take minor risks, which is an important element of children’s play. It supports them to manage and assess risk and develop an understanding of practical safety.

The bush kinder program builds on our home kinder program.  Both incorporate the environment, sustainability and Indigenous connections into outside play. 

Our bush kinder staff team is passionate about supporting children to learn in natural environments. They have the required early childhood qualifications as well as first aid qualifications. 

Read more about the benefits of bush kinder in this ABC article.

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