Program Overview

At Alfred Nuttall Memorial Kinder (ANMK), our educational programs reflect and respect the values of families and celebrate the diversity of our local communities. We ensure children can play and learn in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

IMG20221115143150We deliver play-based three-year-old and four-year-old programs that promote a love of learning in each child.  Our curriculum is engaging and flexible, supporting each child to realise their full potential.

We offer a full-day of bush kinder as part of our four-year-old program.  This provides additional opportunities for children to develop a meaningful connection and appreciation for the natural environment.

The wellbeing, health and safety of children at our kindergarten is our priority, and this is supported by our policies and procedures.  We recognise each child as unique and work with families to meet individual requirements.

Our kinder program is delivered in a naturally light-filled room with a beautiful view over our large outdoor play space where imagination and play come to life. We have stony waterways, vegetable garden beds and play facilities covered by trees and sunshades.  We also have areas for children to do arts and crafts, to explore natural materials and environments, to role play and develop language and other interpersonal skills, and comfortable spaces for quiet time or to enjoy a book.  To see more, you can take our virtual tour.

IMG20220729110008Sustainability is important to our kinder and embedded in our practices.  We have water tanks, worm farms, recycling and composting. 

We recognise the importance of a child’s relationships with families and the wider community as part of building confidence and learning.  We encourage families to participate and contribute to our program, and offer all families the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging.  To support children in developing relationships in their community, we organise incursions and excursions and stay connected to local childcares, the library and schools. 

Our community-centred culture and philosophy is further strengthened by our committee of management, which is staffed by locals, mainly parents, who volunteer and commit their time to the management of the kinder.

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