Our History

Grand Opening Tea Party
Lady Brooks with children at Grand Opening, 1955

Alfred Nuttall Memorial Kinder’s ties to the community go back to the very beginning of our story.

In 1946, a group of local mothers came together and decided to set up the area’s first kindergarten.

They formed a committee of volunteers, which went on to raise funds and secure our Separation Street site from what was then Heidelberg City Council.

They were supported by the then Mayor of Heidelberg, Cr Alfred Nuttall, who had a background in construction.  He shared his expertise with the committee and used his industry connections to secure building materials at cost price.

Sadly, Cr Nuttall died suddenly in 1949.

It would take several more years to raise additional funds to build the kinder without his support.  The fact the kinder site was a former quarry created additional construction challenges.

In the end, Heidelberg City Council took over construction and the kinder building was completed at the end of 1954.  Over the summer, local families held regular working parties to finish the kinder. They laid the concrete paths, put up fences, swings and an equipment sed, and created the sandpit.

In February 1955, the kinder opened to receive the first 60 children. It was named after Cr Nuttall, in recognition of his significant contribution. His widow, Annie Nuttall, continued to be involved with the committee.

The building was officially opened in June 1955 by the wife of the then Governor-General, Lady Brooks, who had a strong interest in early education.  The event was attended by local families, the mayor of the time Cr W Bennett and his wife Mrs Bennett, and Mrs Nuttall.

Today, Alfred Nuttall Memorial Kinder has been serving our community for over six decades.

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